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Fairfield Community Garden (FCG) Member Agreement

  1. Before the spring planting season begins, there will be a required "Get Growing" gathering for all garden club members. We will discuss the upcoming growing season, provide information about ordering local plants, amendments, straw, and seeds, etc. we will review the garden rules. There will be a discussion about planning a garden, growing tips, and water conservation. 

  2. Each Member will receive the lock combination for the entry gate into the garden. Only Members that have signed the FCG Member Lease Agreement and paid the lease fee will receive the lock combination and they should not share it with others. Each Member is responsible for locking the tool shed and gate(s) before leaving the garden. At no time is the garden gate(s) to be left unlocked when no one is present. The last person out is responsible for locking the tool shed and gate(s). The garden gate(s) should be kept closed even when Members are present to help keep out rabbits. 

  3. The Garden Coordinator will organize a “Spring Prep Party” and notify Members by email of the date and time of the event. Members will help prepare the garden for Spring Opening Day (as close to the first Monday in April as weather permits). The Garden Coordinator will inform all Members by email when the plots will be ready for planting (usually by April 15) and what their assigned plot number is.

  4. The gardening season will end around November 15 and Members will be notified of the exact date at least two weeks before the closing date.  The Garden Coordinator will organize a required “Cleanup Party” and notify Members by email of the date and time of the event. Members are responsible for removing and disposing off-site all non-plant material from their plot. This includes wire, stakes, plastic, etc. Each Member must remove any diseased or insect infested plant material off-site. Any remaining garden produce may be donated to a local charity or it may be composted.

  5. The leased plot is to be used for garden purposes only. Members shall use the area to grow products for personal use and shall not engage in any commercial operation or offer such products for sale.

  6. No one will be permitted to use the leased plot except for the Member and their family, or bona fide members of an organization or group if the Member is executing this lease for such.

  7. Member use of this garden is at the sole discretion of the FCG Steering Committee.   All plots are subject to regular inspections. Failure to abide by any of the rules set out in the FCG Member Lease Agreement may result in the loss of the garden plot. If a plot is not in compliance with the FCG Member Lease Agreement, the Garden Coordinator will send a notification by email. A follow-up inspection will be performed two weeks after the email notice. If the plot is still not in compliance, the lease will be revoked and the plot reassigned by the Garden Coordinator. Members that break the FCG Member Lease Agreement will forfeit gardening privileges and will only be allowed to apply for another garden plot after one year and only at the discretion of the FCG Steering Committee. Members may appeal the forfeiture of their gardening privileges by sending an email to the Garden Coordinator within two weeks of receiving the email notification. The FCG Steering Committee will review any appeals before reassigning the plot. 

  8. Members are responsible for weeding, cultivating, watering and harvesting their plot. Members should plan on spending at least two hours each week caring for their plot. If not able to keep up with the maintenance tasks, please arrange for maintenance of your plot.  A plot cannot be left fallow or unused during the growing season and there must be evidence that the plot has been planted by June 10.

  9. Water is a precious commodity and Members must practice efficient water use by utilizing hand sprayers on hoses and/or water cans. Members will be assigned a watering schedule based on the location of their plot. Zones 1 & 2 can be watered Sundays-Tuesdays and Zones 3 & 4 can be watered Thursdays-Saturday. Always check that the water faucet is turned off when not in use and before locking the gate(s). Report to the Garden Coordinator right away any leaks in the water system. Under no circumstances can the water faucet be left on when gardeners are not present.

  10. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides may be used in the garden plots. No high analysis fertilizers can be used, ie. any fertilizers with a ratio greater than 10-10-10.

  11. Members acknowledge and agree that the FCG Steering Committee and the City of Fairfield shall not be obligated to preserve or protect their garden plot. Any loss or damage to products or property or any other loss sustained by the Member in connection with the use of the garden plot shall be the sole responsibility of the Member.

  12. Members may not shade other plots with plants or plant structures. Tall plants should only be planted in the center of the plot or where they will not shade neighboring plots. Pruning tall plants to 6 feet is recommended. Plants or structures that do not meet this standard will be removed. The Garden Coordinator and/or the FCG Steering Committee will provide trellising and pruning guidance.

  13. No corn plants are allowed because they attract raccoons and shade other plants.

  14. Each plot will be completely cleared at the end of the growing season. For this reason, no perennials, woody shrubs, or trees can be planted in Member plots.

  15. The FCG Steering Committee may reserve some plots for planting perennials like herbs, strawberries, raspberries, asparagus, rhubarb, etc. Their harvest will be shared with the Members or donated to a charity. The FCG Steering Committee may also reserve some plots to be used as demonstration gardens for educational purposes, as well as composting.

  16. The FCG is a trash free, carry-in and carry-out facility. All trash (containers, paper, etc.) and other refuse MUST be taken with you. Members must keep their plot, the paths, and surrounding areas clean and neat.

  17. Children under 16 years and younger are welcome but they must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. If children are within the garden, they must stay in their own family's plot or on established paths. 

  18. Members must keep garden activities within their garden plot boundary and cannot extend these boundaries into adjacent plots or common areas. 

  19. Dogs are not allowed inside the fenced garden area.

  20. The FCG is an alcohol and smoke free area. Loud radios and/or music are not allowed.

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